Here’s what our customers are loving about BandaBeau!




I absolutely love this product! I know the main purpose is to keep your towel in place, but I really love that I have a convenient storage for my money and phone while at the beach! I've had several compliments on both the style and function on my BandaBeau. - Brandie S.


This cute little gadget is awesome!! It really holds your towel in perfect place on your beach/pool chair. I especially enjoy the hidden pocket in the back. It's perfect for holding your keys,phone,chap stick,etc...The carrying case is small and fits into your beach bag with no problem. The fashionable print is a bonus. I'm looking forward to when they come out with new prints, I'll be buying more!! - Daniel C.

Bandabeau - Laguna

I used my Bandabeau for the first time yesterday while I was sitting poolside. I loved it ! Not only is it attractive and kept my towel from sliding off the chair all day but it also has a zippered pocket in the back big enough to store a cell phone and keys . I didn't have to worry about my phone sitting out in the summer heat or misplacing it ... nice !!! Highly recommend -Brunnie G.

Laguna BandaBeau Por Favor!

If you are lucky enough to perch yourself seaside, at the pool or just laying out to catch some rays, this is your new best friend! As a Laguna Beach Native, when I saw this product I couldn’t help but partake in this amazing new concept. Not only were my expectations completely surpassed by the packaging and speedy delivery [mr.rodgers :)], but the quality of the product and the many uses it has made this my new bff! Storing my keys, my phone and being so easy to pack up, it’s going to make Summer 2018 a BREEZE! If you’re a beach local/ a mom taking the fam for beach days you know the struggle with sand and your valuables! This is a life changer and not to mention makes me feel extremely chic while getting some vitamin d! The prints are on point!!!! Thanks BandaBeau for helping make our family beach days and poolside hangs vibrant and functional! It’s the iPhone x of bronzing!!!!  - Ashlé V

A simple solution

A simple solution to a simple problem...simply fantastic! Good quality material, selection of cute patterns, and a reasonable price make this a great gift, too. I love mine! - Melissa A.

Great Buy!

I recently purchased the Malibu BandaBeau and love it! I was always looking for a safe, dry place to keep my things and the BandaBeau's zipper pouch is the perfect storage spot. It is also great to always have my towel secured - whether I'm at the pool or the beach it has definitely come in handy! -Allison F.

Small item with a big change!!

How could something this small make such a difference in my beach and pool experience? It keeps my towel on my chair no matter what height the chair is set. I can hide my phone, cash and ID in the zippered pocket with NO worries! It folds back into a pouch so I can easily carry it either in my bag or solo! This item is worth every penny!! -Stephanie M


Thank you for creating this product! I didn't even know I needed it until you created it… - Kristan L.

Premium Quality, Great Design

It's super easy to keep my towel stay put with Bandabeau in light breezing blow. The design is amazingly smart - the print matches my bathing suit, it has a mini pocket for my cellphone and the length is adjustable. It makes my beach experience comfortable, hassle-free and luxurious. The quality and design are both great! Recommended!!! - Chris Han Yu

Great product

Love the material, its well made. The product works great on all kinds of beach chairs. - Amy O.

So excited to use!!

I can't believe how quickly I received my Bandabeau. I love the pattern and the pouch! I am leaving tomorrow for a cruise and can't wait to use it poolside and at the beaches!!!! - Kathy G

Cute Accessory to My Beach Towel

I was AMAZED by this Bandabeau! The beautiful and vibrant towel tamer is such a treat. I took it to my vacations and it made me look great by the pool. The Bandabeau keeps my beach towels perfectly in place even when it's windy. The size is adjustable and it's good for all the beach chairs. I like The Catalina print soooo much - it seems to be inspired by origami or bamboo. Very exotic! Super cute! - Chris Han Yu